sobota, 16 stycznia 2016

Quick start with gwt-maven-plugin and important tip for easy running

Just a short tip regarding creating a new GWT project with using gwt-maven-plugin. When you create a new project following steps from the official guide, you will run something like this:

Before run generated application with command mvn gwt:run do not forget that webapp content has to be copied.
To achieve that you can change your pom.xml by adding <copyWebapp>true</copyWebapp>.

It should looks like below:

So once I click Launch Default Browser everything works fine and app is properly compiled.

It's possible also to use webAppCreator as in example here:

You can import your generated app to Eclipse using this plugin: .
I've successfully imported it to IntelliJ IDEA.

Also the super feature GWT Super Dev Mode works just out of the box. After I changed something in the Java code I could simply refresh browser to see the changes!
That's because -Dgwt.superDevMode parameter by default is set to true.